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PAPERBACK EDITION: GREEK LETTERS VOL 1 now available at leading bookshops ISBN 978-1-78507-021-1

October 8, 2014

Over the next few months I hope to have all the eight books of the series JIGSAW published in paperback. The series comprises: GREEK LETTERS QUARTET; VOLUME 1 ‘BEFORE’ ISBN 978-1-78507-021-1 is the first to be published in paperback; VOLUME 2 ‘AND AFTER’ will be published before Christmas 2014 and in the New Year 2015 VOLUME 3 ‘THE EYES HAVE IT’.

The fourth volume of the Quartet is also the last of the whole series JIGSAW (or it could be the first, because this, the most contemporary of the whole series, is the one novel I would recommend if a reader said they only wanted to read one book of the series.) GREEK LETTERS VOLUME 4 is entitled MUCH MORE THAN HURT. The Quartet begins in the early 19th century and concludes in the early 21st century.

All the books follow fortunes of Samuel and his descendants, particularly in the later books, with Rosalind his great-great-granddaughter, her son Andrew and their friends and lovers. The books are all partly set in Greece, Europe, London, Northern England and Wales and the Lake District.

The second series COMING OF AGE is a trilogy but with the thriller written under a pseudo-name becomes a second quartet. VOLUME 1 CAST A HOROSCOPE, the air-hostess Rosalind makes one huge mistake in the early 1960s, which will impact on the family as much as Samuel’s 19th century deeds. Greece before mass tourism and West Yorkshire are the main locations. VOLUME 2 a thriller set mainly in Corfu, West Yorkshire and Greenwich is published under a pseudonym. VOLUME 3 BRIGHT DAFFODIL YELLOW slips the mold by being initially set in Cyprus in 1974 moving via London to the Lake District. VOLUME 4 THE GLASS CLASS is a heart rending tale set in West Yorkshire and North Wales, a touching account of a marriage of love and of the damage of alcoholism.

All the books are available as a Kindle edition on Amazon, with Greek Letters also on Kobo.

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